Emergent Agency (EA)* provides research and advice services to organizations, universities and companies envisioning and developing solutions to improve equity in healthcare systems around the world, with particular focus on human-centred product and process innovation, applied research, needs assessment and evaluation.

EA does this by:
– Contributing to the design and coordination of projects in any development phase;
– Carrying out research in global health and social innovation and disseminating it amongst the next generation of designers, engineers and scientists;
– Facilitating the creation of international working groups and partnerships between health institutions, (i)NGOs, universities and companies.

EA mindset
think systems rather than isolated parts of that system
design product, service and process design
embrace emergence

Ongoing projects
– Frugal fever thermometer (Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa)
– Future of cold chain monitoring (Médecins Sans Frontières Sweden, Innovation Unit)
– Primary healthcare facilities in humanitarian settings (Médecins Sans Frontières Sweden, Innovation Unit)

* Emergent Agency started with a doctoral research dedicated to surgical healthcare in humanitarian settings in low-resource settings. During the past five years, a network of industrial designers, engineers, architects, humanitarian experts, medical experts and innovators was built, and continues to grow, to advice, serve and inspire the efforts for global healthcare.