Relative burden

Hans Rosling demonstrates with a simple visualization of Syrian migrants numbers, how the burden of middle-east refugees is overestimated in Europe. Often the numbers of asylum seekers within EU is not balanced with the number of internally displaced or refugees hosted by neighboring countries. In fact it’s mostly Middle East, African and Asian countries who host a higher number of refugees. As analysed by UNHCR, it’s poorer countries like Ethiopia, Jordan or Pakistan that support the great majority of refugees, on top of internally displaced as well.

Syrians represent 25% of all the refugees in the world. They are amongst the many African and Middle East nationalities most threatened by the migrant crisis int he Mediterranean sea. The man, women and children who survive the long walks and horror sea crossing are provided by humanitarian organizations with blankets, pre-packed food, and hygiene items. Organizations attempting to include for example pocket money or shavers in these kits can be accused of promoting violence or themselves. Above all, humanitarian organizations are seen as reasons for more migrants to come to European borders.

Refugees seek humanity, as anyone else would in their situation. Unfortunately, whereas most of the news published about today in the media are whether European borders should or not be closed, information about migration policies and refugee rights are rarely publicly discussed.

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