Syrian refugees in Jordan

This is an excellent documentary (Portuguese subtitles only, sorry) about the conditions of life in a recent refugee camp. Raw evidence of the lack of freedom, safety or privacy, (green) space, (public) light, water, sanitation…Some challenges of supporting the population with healthcare are also shown. Newly built facilities provide care for pregnant women and wounded children who cannot be cared for in Syria since many facilities and supply chains have been destroyed.

Can you imagine that half of the population in this camp are children? A camp, built under the expectation of the arrival of more people…
How does the dramatic and downgrading change in these people’s lives affect them and the future of their children?

This reality must radically and urgently change. If conflict- and climate-driven displacement are but to increase, this is a global matter requiring global thinking. Solar lamps donated by Ikea allowed people to manage better at night. But the fact – amongst others – that women are still rape targets (by simply going out in the night to the toilet) and highly educated adults have no jobs, needs to be addressed.

That requires a more radical, systemic and emphatic mindset to aid.

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